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The Experts in Office Space Planning


Our team provide expert solutions to all your office space planning needs. We design and fitout spaces in commercial, corporate or retail styles and our aftercare service will ensure your office stays in pristine condition.

"Thank you for handing over our offices in a “ready to occupy “state and thanks for the pain free build.
You guys were efficient, experienced, and delivered finished offices to our specification and within budget, and well before our close date. Your advice was really helpful and your recommendations exactly what we were looking for."


Designing and planning an improved corporate environment can have an enormous positive impact on staff and the services they provide. Re-outfitting your corporate space can be the key to enhanced success and continued growth. Changes to your way of working in corporate or commercial spaces can be reflected with smart and intuitive design that helps make your workplace feel cohesive and whole. 

Buildgen is a specialist company with a high degree of expertise in office space planning, and provides cutting-edge refurbishment and remodelling, creating bespoke spaces that culminate in high functioning dynamic workforces



London EC4

3,950 sq ft

Reveal Your Brand Identity

Our office space planning is not one-size-fits-all. Our design team works directly with your brand to understand its ethos and your company mission. The design will develop from engaging closely with your team, to deliver a space that matches and enhances your business.

Generate Positivity and Creativity

You and your staff spend a lot of time in your office space. Planning around your work activities means that we can devise specialised, bespoke solutions that directly fit your business. Our designer’s creativity can allow yours to flow freely, as we transform the interior to a place that inspires boldness.

Experience Functional Efficiency


Buildgen prides itself on offering interior fitouts that meet the specific needs of its client. This means designing spaces that work technologically and spatially: that use unique engineering to create practical areas for working that are intuitive and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

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Our Integrated Approach


Buildgen has developed a team capable of offering a full service in office space planning. Our project director, designer and project manager all have unique experience and expertise, and in being housed under one roof, can offer clients a service that takes them from start to finish. This approach allows for a consistent and efficient service that puts you at the centre. 


We treat each and every business we work with as an individual entity: unique and different from any previous clients. We get fantastic results because we spend time with you, understanding your culture, style and the way you work. We carry out comprehensive research to ensure that our design will work for you and will improve your enjoyment of your work environment.


In understanding how your business works, and how the teams that make up the business work, we can create a unique environment in which you can grow and flourish.

Our Expert Team

Our project team and designers are some of the best in the business and collectively their experience is hard to beat. When you’re working with us you can rest assured that you’re working with experts passionate about their work.

Inspiring Creativity

The design team at Buildgen are passionate about transforming their client’s office space. Planning and designing is their bread and butter and they thrive on challenging themselves and their creativity to get the very best outcomes for you.

Spectacular Practicality

We know that practical solutions and technical details can be less exciting than cutting edge design, but we never skimp on these crucial details, whether its mechanics or electronics, your space will work for you.

A visionary team in office design, whose experts will help your brand to bloom

Working With Us


We always start the process of our office space planning with a site visit and a survey of the existing environment.

Working closely with you and your teams we will determine your expectations and your requirements. Combining this information with the survey and site visit we will present our initial recommendations, covering each element of your project: aesthetics, layout, fittings and furniture.

After this stage, having worked extensively with you to understand your brand and your needs, we will deliver a brief to our designers.

Customer endorsements and referrals, as well as our depth of experience, stand testament to our hard work toward maintaining credibility and repute throughout the industry, and more importantly, for our clients. 

Our reputation for providing seamless customer service is second to none.


The Process Begins...


Throughout the process of designing your new workspace we work through several stages. This always begins with a site meeting and survey. 


We will identify your expectations and requirements in consultation with you and then, based on the survey and our conversations with you, we will present our recommendations and concepts. This will cover multiple elements, including everything from space planning and aesthetics to furnishings and networking.


Once we’ve finalised the perfect balance of your objectives and our recommendations we’ll deliver the final brief to our designers.


Office Space Planning

The stage that follows is where our team really comes into their own! The designers get to work, using cutting-edge design technology to develop a visualisation of your bespoke office - aiming not just to meet your expectations but to surpass them. 

We’ll deliver a three dimensional representation of the design, to help you visualise the space yourself.

Working with you and your teams, we’ll make the design perfect.

The Transformation

After the office space planning stage has been completed and you have approved the design, the project moves onto the next step, when things start to take physical shape. 

Our project managing staff have years of experience and a passion for delivering exceptionally high-quality work. Their meticulousness will ensure that the build goes perfectly. 

They will ensure budgets are adhered to and the design is followed.

A Continuing Service

Once a project is built and completed and your team has moved in and is working in their newly revitalised workplace we don’t consider it the end of the project. 

We will continue to work with you after the last coat of paint has dried and the business is running as normal. We want to ensure that our clients always feel secure in the knowledge they can come to us with any problems and issues that they experience, and that we’ll resolve them with the same diligence as we did during each step of the process.



London EC4

3,950 sq ft

Russells Solicitors 

London W1 

9,000 sq ft



London W1S

2,500 sq ft

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