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Our philosophy is to provide our clients with bespoke environments that inspire, comfort, enrich, provide solid functionality and exceed their project needs and expectations.

Your Full Service Office Design Team


We specialise in bespoke workplace solutions for the corporate, commercial and retail sectors, from initial concept to fitout to aftercare - a one-stop shop to meet and exceed your expectations. 

"In the weeks since we’ve completed the refurbishment and moved in, employees and guests alike have marveled at how lovely the space is and our team feels as if they’ve always worked here.
Now that we’re settled and finding ways to optimise the space further, the BG team is as helpful as ever to work with on our continued improvements."


Are you looking to refresh the aesthetic statement of your corporate environment? Or perhaps you want to use innovative space planning to underpin a new way of working? Maybe you are re-configuring your commercial premises to reflect the changes in work practices or to accommodate recent business growth?


buildgen. is a specialist design and build company providing imaginative, state-of-the art fitouts, remodelling and refurbishments for high functioning, creative and dynamic workplaces.

Showcase Your Brand Values

Our office design concepts are devised to express and embody your brand. Our designer will be inspired by your philosophies, style and aspirations. We will work closely with you and your team to create a vision for your space that will enhance your business and the way you work.

Inspire Creativity & Productivity

We make sure that any fitout for your workspace strives to create an environment that removes any impediments to your team’s productivity and that creates the energy and vibe to stimulate and inspire their creativity. Our office designs transform physical space and mental outlook.

Enjoy Intuitive Functionality 


Your office must revolve around the function of the space. buildgen. prides itself on delivering projects that work on all levels: spatially, mechanically, technologically and electrically. From re-engineering for agile working to flexible solutions, functionality drives our designs.


Our Unique Structure


buildgen. has evolved into a perfectly orchestrated team made up of project director, designer and project manager. By bringing this expertise together as one unit, you get the consistency of quality and experience from the very start to the very end of the design build. Crucially, you and all who are contracted to play a part in the creation of your new office space will have a single point of contact to whom you will have access at any time and anywhere.


Additionally we have honed a unique, tried and tested approach that involves a series of audits and studies to help us understand the culture of your business and the way in which you work. This in-depth understanding is crucial to conceptualising how each department and team uses their space. 


What we glean from this period of discovery will underpin the nature and character of the design that we create for you.

Why Work With Us


To put it simply: we bring a wide range of expertise and experience under one roof so that you won’t need to source any other help to realise your project.

Our services include:


  • Property search

  • Feasibility reviews

  • Site surveys and dilapidations

  • Interior design and space planning

  • Project management

  • Procurement of furniture, finishings and furnishings

  • Build and furniture cost plans and specifications

  • Construction

  • Post completion services

Office designs tailored to embody your brand values, to stimulate your staff and to impress your clients

Customer endorsements and referrals, as well as our depth of experience, stand testament to our hard work toward maintaining credibility and repute throughout the industry, and more importantly, for our clients. 

Our reputation for providing seamless customer service is second to none.

Unrivalled Expertise


From project director to manager to designer, our team’s collective experience and knowledge is hard to outdo. You can be sure that you are in safe and skilled hands when you work with us.

Unlimited Creativity

Our designers are inspired and inspiring. They thrive on challenging briefs, and their well of ideas never runs dry. Your office design will reflect their talents in a blend sophistication, flair and panache.

Unsurpassed Functionality


We know that, above all, your workspace needs to provide an environment where productivity can flourish. We take care of your mechanical, electrical & data requirements so that you can get the most from your space.

A cutting-edge office design company with a team of experts to deliver your vision

The Process Begins...


There are a few stages in the process of designing your new space, and we always begin with the site meeting and survey.

Together with you we will ascertain your requirements and expectations. Based on our conversations and the survey, we will then present you with our ideas and recommendations.  These will cover a range of elements from aesthetics to space planning to networking and furnishings.

Once we have the perfect blend of your objectives and our recommendations we will then be ready to deliver a brief to our designers.

Office Design & Space Planning

The next stage is the part we love the most. Our designers take up their graphic “pens” and their unique skills and experience to visualise that bespoke office design that will go beyond your dreams.
You’ll be presented with a virtual 3-D rendering of the space that will help you conceptualise the design in the flesh.
Together we’ll work with you to shape it to perfection.

The Metamorphosis Begins

After the office design has been approved then the process of turning it into reality is put into action.
Our project managers are renowned for their attention to detail and their ability to orchestrate all the elements of the build and fit-out.
They will ensure that the plan follows the brief to the letter, sticks to budget and schedule and causes minimal disruption to your business

Looking After You for the Long Term

We pride ourselves on our unique sense of ownership and responsibility for the projects that we undertake.
Even after the last builder has left the premises we will still be with you. We make sure that our clients feel comfortable coming back to us with any issues, and we won’t leave you in the lurch as soon as the paint on the walls is dry.


Harrison Street 

London W1

6,500 sq ft


London W1

16,000 sq ft


Red Place 

London W1

12,000 sq ft

The Process



Mezzanine Floor
80 Cannon Street


3,950 sq ft

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