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Covid-Secure Workplace

Covid-Secure Workplace

HM Government Guidance on getting workplace ready and Covid-Secure!

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson said ‘’that those companies who need staff to go back to work will have to ensure that the workplace is Covid-Secure and that the Government are going to have a lot more inspections by the Health and Safety Executive and have random spot inspections, to check that companies are doing the right thing’’.

Build Generation have carefully assessed the ‘Guidance for employers, employees and the self-employed’, published Monday 11th May. In line with the newly published government guidance, our team of experts, can translate the guidance, into the appropriate advice and recommendations for your office and project manage the steps for you, to make your workplace inspection ready and Covid-Secure, for today and everyday.

Following recent updates, our team can assist you in attaining social distancing to reflect 2m, or 1m with risk mitigation where 2m is not viable.

Our aim is to fully support our clients, by providing a clear and secure pathway delivery, so they may confidently continue, or restart operations, during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Making Sure You're Covid-Secure

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Our Risk Mitigation Survey is in response to the Prime Minister’s current advice. Businesses share the Prime Minister’s ambition to see more people return safely to work over the coming weeks, however, before you do so, your workplace must be Covid-Secure.

In preparation of staff returning to work, the Government needs confirmation from companies that they have complied with the Government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19.

Companies must confirm the 5 following actions:
/    We have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and shared the results with the people who work here
/    We have cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures in line with guidance
/    We have taken all reasonable steps to help people work from home
/    We have taken all reasonable steps to maintain a 2m distance in the workplace
/    Where people cannot be 2m apart, we have done everything practical to manage transmission risk

Our Secure Pathway will ensure that these 5 actions are implemented and your workplace is Covid-Secure.

Secure Pathway

Secure Pathway
Pathway (1M+).jpg

Our Team have produced a Secure Pathway to re-occupy safely, by mitigating risk and becoming Covid-Secure in your office:

Build Generation have offers a complete solution of Covid-Secure services, furniture solutions and amenities to help our clients to successfully and safely re-occupy. In accordance with the current Government guidelines, our team can offer advice on how to implement social distancing within your office, introduce relevant technology, adapt circulation and ventilation ensuring the circulation and transmission of airborne viral particles through the ventilation is irradiated, encourage best global hygiene standards and communication amongst your staff. 

1. Workplace Survey

Our Design Team will survey your existing office space through analysing existing floorplans and, if needed, can attend site to carry out an audit. Should your office not be accessible to us, then a series of photographs or a video tour of your office will suffice. This process comprises of technical monitoring solutions and covers areas such as mechanical ventilation, CO2 levels, temperature sensors and social distancing tech. We will also assess accessible systems available to staff who are working from home.

2. Improvement Analysis

Once a plan of your existing office has been confirmed, a new proposed plan will be submitted for your approval that implements the 2m social distancing through a reduced workplace capacity and occupancy levels. We can advise recommended navigation routes around your office, to observe social distancing. Our team will also assess where protective desk and floor standing screens should be located and, where possible, hand washing / hand sanitation stations should be located. We shall also analyse the current ventilation to ensure maximum efficiency.

Social Distancing (1M+).jpg

3. Build Generation Recommendations

Build Generation is working with accredited suppliers and contractors to provide our clients with relevant products and services to help their staff re-occupy safely. Amongst these are:

/    Protective desk screens, floor standing screens and perspex blinds that can be hung in front of reception desks etc
/    Signage and message printed entrancing matting to ensure your staff have constant reminders to socially distance themselves from their colleagues and to remind them of washing their hands
/    Hand washing stations can be introduced around your office floor subject to landlord’s approval alongside hand sanitation pump stations
/    Welcome back kits featuring a staff FAQ guide about updated protocols for social distancing, respiratory etiquette, and other new workspace norms, as well as post-pandemic essentials like hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, and masks.
/    Temperature screening kits and stations appropriately located in the office to monitor and manage the temperature of staff
/    Social distancing monitoring sensors to alert staff to high traffic areas that are being over crowded and social distancing is not being observed
/    Air treatments using UVA light filtering and CO2 monitoring of the ventilation system

Introducing these measures is crucial to providing a safe environment for staff returning to the office. Our team will also recommend how you manage your staff in terms of staggering their arrival and shift patterns within the office, how that would relate to the proposed floor plan and how this relates to how many staff members will work from home.

Build Generation are also providing British Standards Certified Covid Clean services for offices that focuses on touch points. This is then followed up with a full ‘fogging’ STERI-7 process using a powerful virucide and sanitiser to sterilize each area.

4. Review

You will be presented with a detailed report that will include timescales, design and product recommendations and a feasibility cost plan. This will be prepared by our Design team, Project managers and Expert workplace advisors. 

5. Implementation

Once you have confirmed the scope of works that you would like to proceed with, our team will prepare and install the relevant products and amenities within the current Government guidelines and the scope of our recommendations. Our experts have completed COVID-19 Online Awareness Training that has been delivered in accordance with guidance provided by the World Health Organisation, National Health Service and Public Health England. In the absence of site visits, you will be provided with progress reports depending on the length of the programme. 

6. Re-occupy Safely

Once the Secure Pathway steps 1 to 5 have been completed your office will be Covid-Secure and your staff may re-occupy safely.

Finding the New Norm for Business

Finding the New Norm
Return to Work.jpg

Build Generation’s proven 6 Step Secure Pathway, is a solution for today’s challenges and leads the way for how we must prepare for the challenges of tomorrow. Our secure pathway is a structured journey, taking business leaders on the journey from the pre outbreak office and old working practices, to a Covid-Secure office and new ways of working and managing business in the post outbreak environment and economy.

What we now know, is that Companies and their employees recently listed their top 10 concerns following the pandemic as: Technology investment; Return to work safety measures; social distancing and office reconfiguration; transportation and flexible commute; work shift patterns; talent migration; trust is staff's working from home input; flexible working; new workforce tracking/contact tracing tools; and the wellbeing of their staff.

Through a science based approach, Build Generation can help immediately and clearly answer the top 3 concerns raised because of the pandemic, manage and implement necessary physical change with you, whilst helping you determine how your company should identify the optimum way to work in the new post outbreak environment, with striking the balance of the right amount of staff working from home and how you can make your office Covid-Secure, for those returning to the office and for those who will now inevitably work between the office and from home, week by week.

We help each unique business find their own new norm. Build Generation, helping business to be safe and secure, today and tomorrow.

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